Lin Jianfang, CEO of Nupower Investment and Zou ZhiYu, Deputy mayor of Ganzhou signing the agreement

  Wednesday, August 28th, a collaboration agreement has been formalized between Nupower Inversion, S.L. and the Ganzhou government. Under this agreement, Nupower Inversion intends to share its network of distributors in Spain and Europe with Ganzhou, as well as with other companies interested in international operations. The main objective is to jointly promote the coordinated development of the industrial chain and simplify the global expansion of Chinese companies. 

         In addition, Nupower Inversion, S.L. aims to turn Barcelona into a transit hub for vehicle exports. Through this pact, the smooth connection of the overseas export process will be achieved, enabling Ganzhou enterprises to effectively integrate into the European market.

Part of the Nupower Inversion, S.L. team at its headquarters in Barcelona